Here at Lee Valley Customs as well as manufacturing our own products that we have for sale on the website, we also offer a service so that you can send us designs to customise products to your own specification. We can also modify your existing products so you dont have to buy new items just because you want to adjust it here and there. You name it and we can provide it !

With experienced machinists within Lee Valley Customs, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.


Heres some examples of modifications and customising we can provide:


Shortening and lengthening of Banksticks.

Shortening and lengthening of Buzzer Bars.

Machining slots in Snag Ears and Indicators to take isotopes.

Machining Spreader blocks for landing nets.

Wooden handles for reels.

Anodising service.

QD conversions on Daiwa reels.


Contact us on the details below.


Tel: 07894 110825

Facebook: Lee Valley Customs





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