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Ben Clements -  Fieldtester: Stainless Traffic Light Snag Ears:

"I first saw and tested the Traffic Light Snag Ears whilst fishing at Picks Cottage and I have to say they are really something else. Ultra tarty is an understatement. In combination with stainless buzz bars and bank-stick they make your set up look the dogs. Not only do they save your rods from going in the drink when fish tear off, but they also use a unique feature making them not only look good in the day but also at night. In the top of the snag ears Kaine has ingeniously created inserts so as you insert isotopes so as you have a visual at night on the tips of your snag ears. A very nice and tarty feature to say the least making these snag ears a true must have.."

Sam King -  Consultant: Stainless Steel Flanged Speaker Bung

"Even though I own a set of Delkims, I used to use the Steve Neville alarms. I found them hard to work with i.e the extremely sensitive rollers which fishing in windy conditions was a nightmare. I also found the volume settings either too loud or too quiet, so most sessions I stuck a cigarette filter in the speaker. This was all well and good but they often fell out of started to loosen after being pushed in, and to be honest, they weren't exactly practical. Kaine supplied me with some of our Flanged Speaker Bungs which really helped and looked the dogs, even though I only managed to use them for a very short time (as I went back to Delkim heads). These reduce the volume by 70% on the highest setting and can be removed easily without tools. If you own Neville alarms I'd defiantly check them out!"

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